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What is EC-Dual-Use-Regulation?


Amendment in Annex I of the EC-Dual-Use-Regulation due to Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No. 1382/2014 valid since 31st December 2014

What is the EC dual-use regulation?

The EC dual-use regulation (Regulation (EC) No. 428/2009) is an instrument applied by the European Community to control the export of goods, including data processing programs and technologies, that can be used for dual purposes. The Regulation defines the term "dual use" items as referring to goods that can be used for both civilian and military purposes. Annex I of the EC Dual Use Regulation contains a list of goods that requires prior authorization in order to export in other countries outside the EC.

What changes are there and what does this mean for the export of frequency converters?

The technical characteristics relevant to the export of frequency converters are indicated in No. 3A225 of Annex I of the above-named regulation. As a consequence of the changes in the technical characteristics specified there, the export controls for frequency converters have been expanded. This means that export authorization now has to be obtained for frequency converters that could previously be exported without approval. Frequency converters (listed in No. 3A225 of Annex I of the above-named regulation) with an operating frequency ≥ 600Hz require now an export authorization.

As a consequence, our ARS 2000, ARS 2000 FS and ARS 2000 SE Family as well as DIS-2 48/10 / DIS-2 310/2 are now affected by export control.

How do I know whether the export of a frequency converter requires prior approval?

If the export of a Metronix servo drive requires prior authorization, Metronix indicates this on all relevant business papers and documents (offers, order acks, delivery papers etc.) by noting the following:

"Product requiring export authorization when shipping to countries outside the EC-Export List No. 3A225”

Is the availability of Metronix servo drives restricted due to the changes in the regulation?

No. In case that Metronix exports affected products into countries outside the EC, Metronix performs all necessary procedures for the required export authorization and ensures therefore availability of the products.

Which customs tariff number (commodity code) do Metronix servo drives have?

The customs tariff numbers for Metronix servo drives is:

  • 85044084 with a power of <= 7,5 kVA

  • 85044088 with a power of > 7,5 kVA


What do I have to do if I want to export a Metronix servo drive into another country?

  1. Delivery within the European Union: For shipments within the EC, no export authorization is required. The requirement to obtain export authorization for the product in the case of an export outside the EC however has to be indicated on all relevant business papers.

  2. Export of servo drives from Germany for which authorization is required: In order to reduce the necessary export controls to the necessary level in the interests of all the parties involved, the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) has issued a socalled general authorization (Allgemeine Genehmigung AGG17) for the export of servo drives. As a result, it is no longer necessary to apply for individual authorizations in most cases. Hence all exports are automatically approved that fulfil the requirements of the respective AGG..

The AGG No.17 can be used for export of goods with No. 3A225 of Annex I of the EC Dual Use Regulation into all countries outside the EC except Iran, North Korea, Pakistan and Syria. You find detailed information on BAFA website under

Can a customer of Metronix use export license of Metronix for Export into countries outside the EC?

No, the export authorization is not transferrable.

For export into countries outside the EC, Metronix customers have to apply for an export license on their own.