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Metronix geophysics and magnetotellurics

Providing equipment for magnetotelluric exploration since 1976.

Our latest generation ADU-08e with its outstanding performance and the sensor family MFS-06e, MFS-07e, MFS-10e and SHFT-02e leaves nothing to be desired.



Upcoming soon ...

after finishing the LF data logger ADU-10e (2.5 watts power consumption) we now proceed with the ADU-11e / ADU-12e.

The ADU-11e is a dedicated HF logger with 8 channels. The ADU-08e provides 64 kHz on 6 channels for airborne (3x SHFT-02e / 3 x SHFT-03e with integrated IMU AND 3 x FGS-04e fluxgate) or up to 5 channels @ 128 kHz continuously.

The ADU-12e combines 10e & 11e in one casing for classical broad band measurements.

The MFS-06e / MFS-07e MK II are available from September 2023 onward with 30% less power consumption.

Under construction 2024: a simplified file format ATSS for C/C++, Python, Matlab and so on with push functionality into the new MTH5 format from U.S.G.S

Marine systems on request in 2025.

Metronix Presents new Systems on the EMIW 2024 in Beppu (Japan)

Metronix Presents new Systems on the EMIW 2024 in Beppu (Japan)

A new series of data loggers will be presented:  more easy to operate.

And super robust! Drop the system in the field and off you go.

Update: ADU-08e arrived in Antalya

See the  arrival (100MB) and cleaning under the shower.

ADU-08e arrived in Anatalya


Our latest project

Our latest project

DESMEX: Deep electromagnetic sounding for mineral exploration; a combination of airborne measurements and ground based transmissions.

DESMEX wird durch das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) im Rahmen des Vorhabens „r4 - wirtschaftsstrategische Rohstoffe” gefördert.