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Super High-Frequency induction coil

The Super High-Frequency induction coil Triple SHFT-02e has been developed for applications in Audio Magnetotellurics (AMT), Radio Magnetotellurics (RMT) and Controlled Source Magnetotellurics (CSMT). It covers a frequency range from 1 kHz up to more than 300 kHz.. The SHFT-02 shows outstanding low-noise characteristics, and a stable transfer function over temperature and time. The SHFT-02 is a result of more than 30 years of experience of metronix in the design, manufacture and application of induction coil magnetometers.

Only one SHFT-02e is required to measure the magnetic field variations in 3 orthogonal axis. The sensors and its electronics are enclosed in a shock resistant plastic case. The SHFT-02e is connected to the metronix ADU-07 data logger (or any other custom electronics) by a cable of up to 10 m length. The high quality of the SHFT-02e data is achieved by a unique design for the ultra low noise preamplifier.

As all sensors of the e-series the SHFT-02e has a chip with intergrated calibration function and can be auto-detected by the ADU-07e.