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broadband induction coil magnetometer

The broadband induction coil magnetometer MFS-06e has been developed to measure variations of the Earth´s magnetic field, particularly for applications in Magnetotellurics (MT) and Controlled Source Audio Magnetotellurics (CSAMT). It covers a wide frequency range from 0.0001 Hz up to 10 kHz. In spite of its wide bandwidth, the MFS-06e shows outstanding low-noise characteristics, extremely low temperature drift of input offset voltage and offset current and a very stable transfer function over temperature and time. The MFS-06e is the result of many years of experience of metronix in the design, manufacture and application of induction coil magnetometers.

Metronix takes special care of the initial calibration of all MFS-06e magnetometers as part of the ISO9001 certified production process. Tests have demonstrated an excellent long time stability of the transfer function. The integrated calibration facility makes it easy for the user to perform an online calibration or test of the magnetometer´s transfer function. A differential test signal can simply be injected into the CAL input of the sensor

As all sensors of the e-series the MFS-06e has a chip with integrated calibration function and can be auto-detected by the ADU-07e