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ARS 2000: Servo drive for the control cabinet

Servo drives from Metronix are universal servo drives that are highly flexible and suitable for automation systems with a diverse range of controllers and motors. Without additional firmware options, the following field- bus systems are supported:
     •   EtherCAT                             •   CANopen 
     •   PROFINET                           •   PROFIBUS
     •   sercos III                              •   sercos II

Furthermore, without additional hardware and software options the following feedback systems can be evaluated:
     •   Resolver                              •   Analogue and digital hall sensors
     •   HIPERFACE                        •   Analogue and digital incremental encoder
     •   EnDat 2.1 and 2.2

Using the First Commissioning wizard, the servo drive are quickly and easily adapted to the application and operating system. Just as the support of a variety of fieldbus and encoder systems is provided as standard, no additional firmware is required to connect to rotary synchronous motors, linear motors or torque motors. This flexibility is the platform for the use of Metronix servo controllers in a variety of different applications and industries such as:

     •   Machine tools                      •   Packaging machines                                          •   Medical and laboratory technology
     •   Automotive industry            •   Assembly and handling equipment                 •   Wood working machines
     •   Automation                           •   Printing presses and paper machines           •   Textile industry

ARS 2000

ARS 2000 FS - designed for Functional Safety